Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Bachelorette Premiere & First Impressions Gone Wrong

I have been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette since I was 10 or 11 years old. I've missed a few seasons - in high school - but overall, I've watched most of them and I've decided the first night is one of my favorites, with hometown dates coming in as a close second.

The season of The Bachelorette began last night with Des as the newest Bachelorette. She was one of my favorites from last season and even though I loved Lindsay, who made it to the final two, I thought she was really young. I sure hope Desiree gave her brother a stern talking to before the show began about being nice to any guy he comes into contact with.

Anyways, the fun has begun this season and I was really excited to come up with my favorite contestants. Then I watched the episode and realized I couldn't do that. There were too many awkward moments and men who I don't understand got through the screening process. Brace yourselves. Here we go:

Last season, when Sean was The Bachelor, Chris Harrison a.k.a. ABC allowed him to give out roses the first night at any time he wanted. Forget one first impression rose. You get as many as you want! They continued to do that this season with Des.

I feel like they were all competing for roses in the dumbest of ways. Instead of talking to her and having a real conversation that she'll remember, they're trying anything to get one. Can anyone do a handstand?! Who can jump into the pool? ROSES ALL AROUND, folks.

Meet Zak. He showed up shirtless, which I think is a no-no. It made him look like a frat boy who isn't serious about finding love with Desiree, despite his intentions. It would be comparable to one of the girls on The Bachelor showing up in a bikini. It'd definitely make the person unpopular with other contestants. So I thought that was it and then he takes off his pants and jumps into the pool. Wow, I'm sure that really made her take you seriously....but she gave him a rose for his efforts. What effort, Desiree?! C'mon, girl. These guys need to actually try. So then they all get what's going on and are trying to come up with stupid ways to get a rose!

I just want to know where ABC finds some of these guys.

Meet Johnathan. Despite believing he's "a really good catch" and his mom saying he's "really good looking," he seems about as charming as an infestation. I get people get nervous. I really do. But if you think you might be acting slightly creepy, you're probably more on the line of super creepy. He invited her to the "Fantasy Suite" probably 100 times throughout the night and proceeded to say in his confessional that he's going to "kiss her on the mouth." I think he also mentioned something about a love tank, which Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of the OC says approximately 100 times each season. Epic fail. Needless to say Des threw him out.

I think I've lost hope already about any of these guys being good for Des. My favorite so far? Ben - the guy with the really cute kid. Why is he my favorite? I think his son is adorable - bonus points for bringing his son to meet Desiree. Of course that would tear at her heartstrings! And he was wearing a shirt, didn't do magic, use hash tags or offer her a trip to the Fantasy Suite.

Tell me: What were your favorite moments? Who are your favorite contestants?


  1. I thought there were slim pickings!! Usually there are three or four stand outs but last night....nothing! I don't know his name but the guy with the longer hair seems ok. Will have to wait and see if they get any better.
    BTW I have seen all 25 shows (yikes!!).


  2. It was insanely "slim" this season! I'm hoping some of the guys will surprise us!

  3. Great info on the season thus far. I haven't seen this show in forever!

    1. Thanks! Some of the moments are too funny not to watch or blog about!


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