Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap

Here we go with the recap! Last week was seriously exhausting and I don't see this week being any quieter, however, I did get to watch the episode from start to finish which is a plus. This season is SO frustrating and dragging along because she can't really come forward and say she likes anyone in particular, which is annoying. It's like she loves everyone. I still miss Tierra's eyebrow.

This week, the guys and Des went to Munich, Germany. Their hotel was really nice - per usual. Sometimes I wish they'd just put everyone in normal settings. One-On-One Date #1 was Desiree and Chris, aka poetry guy. They walked around Munich exploring. The two of them were actually pretty cute together - dressing up in goofy outfits and just being funny.

Meanwhile, Bryden was being a man baby. I really thought he was going to be a frontrunner, but it just wasn't the case. He was complaining about not getting to see her, which on one hand, I get. How can you fall in love with someone and get engaged in a matter of months after dating a bunch of different guys. But he was in Munich and decided to interrupt Desiree's date rather than just pull her aside afterwards. I think he thought he was signing up to be on Match.com or something. This is not a typical date. I don't think he understood that.

Bryden makes his way to where Desiree and Chris are on their date. In the words of my little social media friend, Kasey: #whatabuzzkill #suchababy #selfish - How's that for some hashtags? I was literally CRINGING watching him approach Des and Chris. He completely interrupts their date, which made me feel bad for Chris. They sit down and prepare to have an awkward discussion. "I consider you a friend now," he says. Awkward. I consider him a jerk. But hey, that's just my viewpoint.

Clearly, Des is upset and crying, but says she's not going to let it affect her date. I think she let it. They spent a while talking about it, so clearly it did. But she and Chris kissed and he tried to make her feel better - bonus points for him. They had a nice dinner, he reads her a poem that makes her cry and it's oh so...cheesy. Of course he gets the rose and they enjoy a private concert. Typical Bachelorette/Bachelor date.


For the group date, seven of the guys go to the German Alps with Des and learn to yodel and go sledding down the highest peak in Germany. The views are incredible, I'll say that. I love hearing all the guys say how special their relationships are with Des and how no one else can compete...right. Their attempts at yodeling were pathetic at best. They all kind of sounded like whining wounded wild animals. For the sledding aspect, many of them couldn't pull off the sledding. Instead, they slid down - minus the sleds - on their faces.

The two-on-one date was with Ben - ugh - and Michael G. Clearly Ben is the frontrunner here. He's already had a one-on-one date and steals Des away every chance he gets, so from the beginning I'm thinking Michael is going home. Instead, shockingly, Michael gets the rose. Ben is obviously pissed and proceeds to act like an idiot in the limo.

So who goes home? Mikey T. doesn't get a rose. Had Kasey and the other guys had a chance to tell Des Jaymes is a fraud, maybe he wouldn't have gone home. What did you think?

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